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Hello Etsy: The Movie from Etsys Deutscher Blog on Vimeo.

Esta es la historia sobre un oso que quiere crear su propia
pequeña empresa y sostenible.


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Cheese Maker dijo...


Maria Mellow is a new and young portuguese enterprise which wait soon to give the first steps in the online sales of fabrics, clothes, small objects of decoration and everything that we find of interest and could be presented to a domestic public, who begins to use the web for search and buying from varied products.
Hola Daniel,

A personal and dynamic bet, managed by Joana Ferrão, which though it gives the first steps in this big virtual world of the online sales, and waits an huge sales success, soon, betting so on the vast demand and in little supply of products of quality / price that we have been checking.

We are now preparing effusively a small project online for presentation.

We intend to bet on the national production as well as it's done in best way around the world. So, we're beginning our research so that we can take as partners the best wholesalers, national and worldwide producers.

We would like to know your interest to do a partnership with Maria Mellow, allowing and letting know to a vast Portuguese public what better exists to offer and we loved your work!

Maria Mellow will put available funds always as priority in a warm quality / price of everything.

Our bet is exclusively on online sales, so we will not do stocks or have a warehouse. Committing ourselves, and in advance, for a right and regular consult of your best products/patterns.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,

Joana Ferrão
Maria Mellow